It’s the top of the week, traders! And it looks like we may see a nice setup for XAU/USD. Let’s get right into the analysis:

XAUUSD Projection (9/5/2021)

We will be entering this trade, for a BUY, only if we see a clean retracement, that is, a nice streak of red candles (1H timeframe), going all the way back to the EP:

Take Profit (TP): ~1831.448
Entry Point (EP): ~1819.684
Stop Loss (SL): ~1810.620

✔️ Breakout @ ~1819.684
✔️ Retracement @ ~1834.051
✔️ EMA (50) @ under the candlesticks, between the EP & SL.
✔️ EMA (200) @ under the EMA (50).

If a big green candle forms (on both the 1H and 4H timeframes), before price hits the EP, this setup is no longer valid.

For about 1 month, we’ve had a nice, solid uptrend. This is a good sign that it’ll continue rising; good evidence, supporting our potential decision to BUY.

This is the fourth time, within the past couple of months, that we see price resisting the ~1831.448 zone. This is good evidence, supporting our prediction that price may retrace to the nearest support zone (~1819.684).

We aim to be straightforward, to help you save time. Is there anything that you wish we would’ve included in this analysis? Please let us know, in the comment section. 🙏

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“My mission is to help you see forex for what it is: it’s not ‘rocket science,’ but a simple strategy game. Get on the ‘good side’ of probability, develop the proper mindset, and you will prosper.”
— Nio Pomilia, Forex Free Press

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