"This is the very perfection of a man: to find out his own imperfections" (Saint Augustine).

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In order for a man to succeed, he must be humble, ever-improving, always seeking to know himself more and more, that he may discover the flaws within himself, and thereby properly prepare himself for his vocation and goals.

Ask yourself, honestly and diligently, “What are my flaws?” Be eager to learn what they are, for it is by this knowledge that you will know where you need to improve yourself.

Don’t be offended when you discover where you need mental work, but be glad that you’ve achieved true awareness of your own self. How else can a man know what to fix, except if he knows what is broken?

Find an accountability partner: someone who will honestly and boldly show you the faults that you may not see within yourself. This way, you’ll gain wise feedback from another man’s perspective. And so they say, “Two minds are better than one.”

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