We will be entering this trade, only if we see a nice, clean streak of green candles, going all the way back to the Entry Point.

💱 SELL LIMIT (Medium Risk):
– Stop Loss (SL) = ~0.67993
– Entry Point (EP) = ~0.67828
– Take Profit (TP) = ~0.67600

Positive evidence:
✔️ Breakout @ ~0.67828
✔️ Retracement @ ~0.67583
✔️ EMA (50) @ above candlesticks, and between EP & SL.
✔️ Clean streak of red candles, going all the way down to the point of retracement.

❌ EMA (200) below candlesticks.
❌ Overall uptrend for the past few weeks.

In our opinion, the positives are greater than the negatives. Remember: if, at any point before price hits the EP (1H timeframe), we see a decent-sized red candle form, this projection is no longer valid.

Did this help you? Please let us know, in the comment section, that that we can provide better tips for you in the future.

“My mission is to help you see forex for what it is: it’s not ‘rocket science,’ but a simple strategy game. Get on the ‘good side’ of probability, develop the proper mindset, and you will prosper.”
— Nio Pomilia, Forex Free Press

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